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Neck Protection Kneading Heating Shoulder And Neck Massager

Neck Protection Kneading Heating Shoulder And Neck Massager

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1. Fully automatic microcomputer intelligent control
Microcomputer intelligent control operation is convenient and quick
You can only choose the working mode and strength, and the operation is more convenient. The unique infrared thermotherapy technology simulates the finger pressing, kneading and massage techniques of the human body to relieve body soreness.
2. Red light hot compress massage effect is better and prominent
The thermostatic system switch is used (use a comfortable temperature suitable for the human body), and the massage in the air-conditioned room is more comfortable and soft in the hot summer.
3. Two-way dredging and decompression
360° kneading massage, ergonomic design close to rigid muscles, release shoulder and neck pressure
4. Six massage heads make the massage more comfortable
The shoulder and back massage uses two groups of six-head massage combined heads to simulate a real two-hand massage, which can effectively improve body fatigue and relieve dizziness and insomnia caused by fatigue.

Product information:
Function: wireless remote control, timing, infrared physiotherapy, handheld wire control
Control method: mechanical
Massage principle: vibration
Classification of physiotherapy methods: infrared
Color: yellow leather case
Specification: English packaging

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